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What Is Real Estate For A CAUSE?

What Is Real Estate For A CAUSE?

Real Estate For A CAUSE is a group of well-informed, resourceful, and passionate Real Estate Professionals from your community and others all throughout Michigan. 

Our Mission:
Our mission is to make an impact through real estate by donating a portion of our commissions to local charities.

Our Vision:

Real Estate For A CAUSE was formed with the vision of making an impact on and strengthening local communities through association with local charities. It was also formed with the long term vision to have multiple locations throughout Michigan and the United States so we can make an impact on communities throughout the world.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to provide our clients with a five-star, award-winning level of customer service, trust, and professionalism that is unmatched in the real estate industry. We are honored to play a part in helping people achieve their dreams daily, one client at a time and we are never too busy for our client’s referrals. 



Not only did they help us find our dream home and property, they made sure we got it as well. When it came time to make an offer there ended up being multiple offers on home. They knew what it meant to our family to get it and fought to make sure we came out on top. The knowledge of the market and how the Real Estate game works is a step above the rest. Has also been there every step of the way. To either answer our million questions or to provide contacts that you’ll need during your buying exp…